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Top Tips On How To Get A Girlfriend 

Although many guys find it difficult to approach women, let alone woo one into a relationship, getting a girlfriend is actually not that difficult. If you really need a companion, but are unable to find a girlfriend for whatever reason, do not despair. Use these tips on how to get a girlfriend and attract the girl of your dreams. 
Look Presentable
The first rule is to look and feel your best, particularly during your initial date. Women do not like guys who are shabbily dressed. You do not have to wear designer clothes to be properly dressed. Wearing something that you are comfortable in will make you more confidence and a man that exudes confidence always makes a good impression on women.

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Talk to Ladies 
You need to be around girls. Go out and make more contacts. Visit places you usually would not visit and let people, particularly girls see you. If girls cannot see you, they will never notice you. Do not feel intimidated or shy around women, instead you should freely mingle with them. Find time to talk to as many girls as you can every day. 
Do Not Appear As Needy and Too Anxious 
As you consider how to get a girlfriend, do be too eager or needy. If the girl you like sees you as only a friend, then rather than waiting for when she will change her mind, you should start considering other girls. 

Be a bit Flirty

Most women do not like men who are constantly serious. Therefore, if you really want to attract the girl of your dreams, you had better loosen up a little. You should smile when talking to women, as it makes you look more attractive and friendly. There is no need to feel nervous when talking to women because they are only normal humans like you. Be extremely charming and act a little flirtatious. When you meet a woman, never attempt to impress her, instead be playful and sound a little laid back. 
Do Not Be Excessively Aggressive
Never appear to be over assertive or too aggressive, regardless of what happens. You must give the lady her space, and do not overwhelm her with your presence. Allow her to select who she wants to be with.

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