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8 Effective Dating Tips For Men And Women

There are lots of dating tips out there for men and women. Most tell you to either appear 'mysterious' or available, although not too available. To be honest, such advice is nonsense and should be taken with a pinch of salt. Trying to portray yourself as someone different from who you really are will ultimately lead to disappointment. However, there are some general dating tips that apply to everybody. These tips will help you avoid some common dating mistakes.

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1. Be Presentable

First appearances mean a lot in how we judge people in life and in dating it is no different. The first glance on a first date goes a long way in setting the impending mood. You do not have to spend a lot of money on a new dress or suit; however you should put on something that makes you feel attractive. Regardless of where you are going for the date, be sure to wear something clean and presentable. Some of the things you should avoid are saggy pants, stains, tears, too revealing and underwear showing. 

2. Recommend a Venue That You Are Used To

The perfect first date is just long enough to determine whether you would like to have a second date. Thus, select a time and venue that is appropriate for you and your date. You will feel more confident and comfortable if you select a venue that you are used to. You can suggest a quick bite to eat during lunch instead of dinner or a coffee date within your preferred town center café. Less is certainly more on the initial meeting. 

3. Show Your Interest

It is okay to engage in some minor flirting during the date, just ensure you do not overdo it. Keep an open body language, find out what you have in common, maintain eye contact, talk less and listen more.

4. Do Not Get Physically Intimate Until the Time Is Right

This is an old tip but still an excellent one. There is simply no need to rush. You have lots of time to get acquainted with each other. Do not jump into bed with a stranger and be sorry later. This is a wrong impression to give your date.

5. Be Calm and Relaxed

Do not forget that your first date is meant to be fun. If you take things too seriously, you might end up over analyzing each situation, which will give off the wrong impression. Try to have some fun and do not put a lot of pressure on your date.

6. Do Not Talk About Previous Relationships or Lovers

My ex-girlfriend used to call me Macho is certainly not a good thing to say on your first date. Let the past remain in the past.

7. Be Positive

You may have recently had a bad argument with your neighbor or you might not like your boss at work, however that is not what you should be talking about on an initial date. 

8. Do Not Pretend To Be Who You Are Not

Exaggerating your hobbies, lifestyle, background and education so that they match those of your date is a bad idea. Eventually he or she will find out and that will result in an uncomfortable situation.

What you should understand is that every individual has different requirements with regard to dating. Thus, getting specific information as well as dating tips will help to make the dating process much easier.

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